Blogging Bi Day, Dance by Night

All things Bi, Dance and random musings for our edification


I am a Bi  man   living in a big city in North America and this blog is about my personal observations of the Bi world out there in the broadest sense.

The posts will probably be too “popular” for the more academic amongst the gentle readership and probably too “academic” for the populists out there.   Subject matter will be eclectic, idiosyncratic and whatever strikes my fancy.   Sometimes topical,  other times anything but.  My first aim is to  comment and if it causes you to jog your mind on some issue, all the better.   The entire ‘bi visibility’ and ‘bi erasure’ aspects are very much my pet peeve currently but in no way am I suggesting the whole world is or should be Bi.  I just wish there was a lot more honesty about sexuality, on a personal level and society as a whole.


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