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What is the best way to go from Paris to Moscow? The Process of Life.

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Above:  This  film was quite touching, so enjoy!


“Enjoy the process of learning to dance.

The process of our profession,
and not its final achievement,
is the heart and soul of dance.”

– Jacques d’Amboise


Dante Alighieri; The  Divine Comedy.  (Singleton translation)

Inferno, Canto I vss 79-87

“Are you, then, that Virgil, that fount which pours forth so broad a stream of speech?” I answered him, my brow covered with shame.  ‘O glory and light of other poets, may the long study and the great love that have made me search your volume avail me! You are my master and my author. You alone are he from whom I took the fair style that has done me honour.”


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