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Xiao Nan Yu and Don Quixote

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“But who in the world can boast that he has penetrated and understood the confused thought and mutable condition of a woman? No one, certainly.”

Miguel De Cervantes:   -Don Quixote,  First Part, Chapter XXVII

“so as the proverb says, at times the just must pay for the sinners.”   – Chapter VII

Chapter 1:

“The reason for there unreason  to which my reason turns so weakens my reason that with reason I  complain of thy  beauty.  And also when he read: … the heavens on high divinely heighten thy divinity with the stars and make thee deserving of the deserts thy greatness deserves.”

Chapter XX

“That is the nature of women, said Don Quixote, they reject the man who loves them,  and love the man who despises them.”

Chapter IV:

“Halt , all of you, unless all of you confess that in the entire world there is no damsel more beauteous than the empress of La Mancha the peerless Dulcinea of Toboso.”…

‘Senor Knight, we do not know this good lady you have mentioned; show her to us, for if she is as beautiful as you say, we will gladly and freely confess the truth you ask of us.”

“If  I were to show her to you, replied Don Quixote, where would the virtue be in your confessing so obvious a truth?  The significance lies in not seeing her and believing, confessing, affirming, swearing and defending that truth; if you do not, you must do battle with me, audacious and arrogant people. And whether you come one by one, as the order of chivalry demands or all at once, in the vicious manner of those of your  ilk   here I am ready and waiting for you, certain of the rightness of my claim”.



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