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Dante Alighieri & Dance

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“If you dance, you dance because you have to.
Every dancer hurts, you know.”

– Katherine Dunham

“Homer is new this  morning and nothing is so old as yesterday’s newspaper”  -Charles Peguy.

The Divine Comedy.   Inferno: Canto IV vss 45-8 (Singleton translation)

“Tell me, master, tell me sir,’ I began, wishing to be assured of the faith that conquers every error.”

Canto II vss,  121-142

What then is this? Why, why do you hold back? Why do you harbour such cowardice in your heart? Why are you not bold and free, when in Heaven’s court three such blessed ladies are mindful of you, and my words pledge you so great a good?

As little flowers bent down and closed by chill of night, straighten and all unfold upon their stems when the sun brightens them, such in my faint strength did I become; and so much good courage rushed to my heart that I began as one set free, ‘Oh, how compassionate was  she who helped me, and how courteous were you, so quick to obey the true words she spoke to you!  By your words you have made me so eager to come with you that I have returned to my first resolve.  Now on for a single will is in us both; you are my leader, you my master and my teacher.”

So I said to him, and when he moved on, I entered along the deep and savage way.”


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