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Quotes from Martha Graham and Don Quixote

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“There are three steps you have to complete
to become a professional dancer: learn to dance, learn to perform
and learn how to cope with injuries.”
– D. Gere


“It takes ten years, usually, to make a dancer.
It takes ten years of handling the instrument,
handling the material with which you are dealing,
for you to know it completely.”

– Martha Graham


Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. First Part, Chapter XXX

“Do you think, he said after a while, base wretch, that you will always be able to treat me with disrespect, that it will always be a matter of your erring and my forgiving ? You are mistaken, depraved villain, something you undoubtedly are since you dare speak ill of the incomparable Dulcinea. Do you not realize, you coarse contemptible  ruffian, that if it were not for the valor she inspires in my arm, I should not have the strength to kill a flea? Tell me, insidious viper’s tongue, who do you think has won this kingdom and cut off the head of this giant and made you a marquis, all of which I consider already accomplished, concluded and finished, if not the valor of Dulcinea, wielding my arm as the instrument  of her great deeds? In me she does combat, and in me she conquers and I live and breathe in her, and have life and being.   Oh, foul whoreson!  What an ingrate you are, for you see yourself raised from the dust of the earth to be a titled lord, and you respond to this great benefit by speaking ill of the one who performed it for you.!”


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