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Have been busy dancing a lot lately. That is one reason I have not been posting anything but the bigger issue is that I was stuck in terms of coming up with any bi themes to write about. Ergo, starting today I want to broaden my scope.  What I will write about. If some bi issue is  out there, I shall ponder it,  put quill to parchment and publish away. But what I want, what is most important to me now, is to organize my thoughts, discipline my writing,  and write about what’s  going on in my soul, which may or may not be bi related.  Since the last post I’ve written a quadrillion words it seems about what has been going on in my dance life and what has NOT been going on between the sheets.  And I don’t know if that  twain shall ever meet up.

Found a great songbook at the senior’s home this week and made a list of more than two dozen songs I will play.  I was so happy making this discovery. The arrangements were simply excellent, very much at my level of playing and the songs were so appropriate for my audience.  While  it is fun for me to play say Bruce Springsteen or Gordon Lightfoot on the piano I doubt any 85 year old resident would enjoy that.  Some of the sacred music (hymns) have been fantastic and even some patriotic music.  This  strikes me as deliciously ironic given I am not a fascist, I mean a hyper nationalist,  flag waving reich wing conservative nor  am I especially religious these day s (I once was).

Met up with a friend yesterday to say goodbye as he is leaving for work. It was simply a joy and a delight to debrief for a couple of hours at a coffee shop.  I felt like a million bucks and it was all so simple.  Just two  people chit chatting in  a pleasant surroundings, telling their stories and  narratives,  with each listening in rapt attention.


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