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cha cha

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Today at the dance school learned the cha cha. Which means I will be thinking of the line in the film The Godfather  Part 2 at the Havana nightclub when Fredo Corleone (John Cazale) says to the assembled crowd that they are to watch out for a certain member of the group  because he does a mean cha cha cha.  Had another perfectly bi day  doing salsa dance  lesson then rocketing to another part of town to meet up with my beautiful bi sisters and brothers for a film and then coming back for more dance (another lesson and then a practice party).  Was it Shakespeare who said that in  life, a person may wear many hats (paraphrasing).   Saw that quote applied to Teddy Roosevelt once.  Roughrider, trust buster and many many things more!

imagesI cannot get enough of these “keep calm” quotes.  Mark Twain said that the Lord may forgive us our sins, but our nervous system never does.  Told someone today I was bi and it was not a big deal.  Amazing the change in half a year on that front.  The twenty third person I have come out to. Since the fall it has been one per month, on a need to know, case by case basis.  Below is a cute dog photo I came across.  Love the puzzled, quizzical look on it’s face, as in what is going on here?  Someone told me if nothing else I keep them amused. So at least there is that.  To me laughter, a sense of humour never ever goes out of style.  Next up on the bi movie front might be the film “Caravaggio” which is supposed to have a big bi theme to it.  Report to follow when in fact I watch it in a month or so.



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