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Down on the corner

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What a wonderful night of dancing. A long set piece of choreography that took about 50 minutes   (tango) plus practice party (30 minutes, many different dance styles-steps with partners changing all the time).  A great way to learn your stuff and have so much fun doing it.  Danced rumba,  salsa,  hustle, foxtrot, waltz, single step,  merengue, bachata,  and tango.

Was reading the book “Learned Optimism: How to change your mind and your life” by  Martin E.P. Seligman that someone had suggested.  There are lots of questions  to fill out to figure out how much of an optimist or pessimist you are.  It was instructive   to compare my current buoyant mood since August versus  over three  decades of being a grouch, grump, curmudgeon.  A friend said so many of us traipse through life with a   movie camera playing in side our head recording what we think is happening or we should be doing.   The ongoing interior monologue we all have was discussed at length in the book of course. My favourite image in terms of negative self talk was the drunkard accosting you by the corner and shouting out at you all kinds of nasty things  that are not founded in reality.  Do you take that person seriously or do you let it go? Seligman says we correctly do not get into a knot by what a drunkard says but we foolishly take as gospel truth the vicious inner monolog we conduct with ourselves that is just as unfounded.

Played piano best yet at the seniors home today.  You improve is when you make a mistake.  Obviously you are trying to avoid the wrong notes but you need to flop, fail to truly get better.  You cannot go so slowly that you don’t mes up.  I thought it was an excellent  snapshot of life.  Mistakes are when  and how you learn.

Certain gentle sweet blog readers will be incredulous but it is a true tale.  Was watching this bachata video, told somebody and they said “the woman singing is so beautiful and sexy”. I had not noticed I was so focused on the  song, dancing, lyrics that I was oblivious to her eros.  Rage and lust down 95%  from the old me.

I hardly focused on the half year anniversary of coming out but I did bring a min-cupcake to my dance school to celebrate one month since I started taking lessons.  If I  see further now, it’s because I am standing on the shoulders of giants as the saying goes.


Above ,  is a self portrait last night on my way downtown to the dance school, by bike bundled up given the weather, snow etc.  I was getting ready and saw my reflection  in the window of the car (which is in the garage) and thought  I’d capture this. It reminded me of the  two assassins on motorcycle as portrayed in the film “Veronica Guerin”  the true story of the Irish journalist who was investigating the drug culture of Ireland and was murdered (portrayed by the wonderful actress Cate Blanchette).   I needed a ski mask, cat, scarf, helmet etc. to brave the elements!  In  the film’s climactic scene (her murder) the very haunting and beautiful song “The fields of Athenry” (by Pete St. John)  is sung to great effect a capella by a very young lad (to my ear out of tune but it is more effective that way).  Check that song out, it is so gorgeous and bittersweet.

Below,  was an extremely unusual and moving moment 2 years ago at a football (soccer) game when Spain was beating Ireland 4-0  and in the 87th minute, the  Irish fans broke out into a spontaneous rendition of the song “the Fields of Athenry”.  I vividly recall the incident as I was watching the game on the tv.


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