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The original bad girls of rock strike again a half century later!

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I was giving  Brian Wilson a run for his money in the last 24 hours listening to the Ronette’s song “Be My Baby” (1963, picture above of them)  Evidently he went through a period when he was so enchanted with this song he was listening to it “100 times a day”.  I had this bachata remix   video on in the background and then I heard  an English-Spanish version (set to bachata beat)  and I was completely in love with the version instantly.     Bachata is one of my favourite dance steps that I am learning and I  enjoy  the music too.  I have always liked that song.  It is so perfectly attuned to my mood lately, one of innocence and joy which is a ridiculous distance from almost all of my adult life of being a crusty cynical curmudgeon.  Light years away. Below is Rhumba the dog that just got a bath and is being rewarded for putting up with it by getting a treat from the butcher shop. Adorable photo I found online.


Do you rhumba?  Why yes of course.  Ok, then  pick a a rhumba from 1 to 10.  -Groucho Marx. Talk about delayed gratification for a joke. I first heard that line in a Marx Brs.  movie as a kid,  maybe 10 years old and had to wait four decades to use it and appreciate the dancing connotation.  My pa loved those movies and that is a happy childhood memory for me.  Growing up we had this record of famous  songs such as “Be my Baby”,  It’s my party” (1963 Lesle Gore),  “The Great Pretender “(1955 The Platters), “Johnny B Goode”  (1956 Chuck Berry), “Rock around the clock” (1954  Bill Haley and his  Comets)  etc.

Lego Birthday Party - Rhumba Feet Dance Steps Diagram

I remember with affection  part of a  lecture   on the many types of love captured in the one Greek word and the theology professor said in certain circumstances it was NOT just platonic love at work or a sisterly-brotherly love (philia)  or the  selfless love mentioned in the New Testament (and elsewhere).  I only mention this in passing because  of my dance teachers and the deep affection I have for them.   Was talking to someone and they could not figure out where they were on the LGBT spectrum because they have had long serious committed relationships that were same and opposite sex at different points in their life.  Love-sex-romance is so imprecise is it not?  We crave exactitude in an inherently dynamic process.   Was it Heraclitus, the pre Socratic  philosopher who wrote that we cannot step into the same river twice because it is moving-changing.  To grow, to live, to change and my heavens you just hope the person you are madly in love with is evolving in a way that makes your lives compatible! Pity you if they are growing away  from you.

Above,  found the bachata version of Be My Baby. Enjoy! Once upon a time I fell in love with a woman from Spain (Madrid actually) on a ski trip so naturally when I returned home I enrolled in Spanish lessons pronto. A true story.  Those who know me well were not surprised.  At university I was madly in love with a woman of Ukrainian heritage  so the obvious thing to do was to take courses in Russian Literature which I did and relished immensely. Once was tremendously smitten by a lass of Irish parentage, ergo I threw myself into all things Irish.  The heart wants what the heart wants.


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