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Wonderful salsa class today. Lots of people in it, maybe 20 and only one extra male.  Lucky me,  I got to dance with the instructor a bit who is so lovely.  Some indie doc. guy wants to interview me.  They are dragging people   off the street, looking for interesting, different bi male perspectives. I have NO idea if I fit that bill. Maybe I do.   I am not sui generis.  My only claim to fame is that I attract virgins as girlfriends for whatever reason.  Four in a row at this point. It is a trend.  As noted, Joan Baez had one important same sex relationship when she was young (early 1970s?) and came out as bi, when there was absolutely no need to.  It was not some marketing ploy.  For me the same sex activity has been  limited as an adult with one person, though spread out over almost a decade on three different occasions.

If i ever come across a dance style-step I think should be for bi people, I shall let the devoted reader know asap.  What would such a dance be?  There would be change and fluidity.

Yesterday was the first day of 2014 I felt the old, pre dance persona return. And it did with a vengeance.   I was pretty much an ogre for 24 hours.  Cantankerous, querulous, morose but also maudlin, mawkish, melancholy. Perhaps my mediaeval humors were out of balance and I had a sudden attack of the vapours. Who knows.   I was not pleased but reflecting on the pre-coming out person I was for decades  when every single day was this gotterdammerung on earth I counted myself happy to have trimmed my down time as it were.

Must post about Nurevey very soon.   For the bi calendar project, in terms of males have come up with a quartet (I want more women than men).  To wit:  Nijinsky and Nureyev  as dancers and then film stars James Dean and Montgomery Clift.   For  women thinking of;   Brenda Howard (the great bi activist, mother of pride),  Lady Gaga,  Isadora Duncan (mother of modern dance),  Joan Baez,  Krysten Sinema   (first openly bi  congresscritter from Arizona), Gillian Anderson,  Maria Bello,  Amber Heard.

Saw Nebraska (film) yesterday and liked it. A curious intersection of road-buddy movie meeting small  town usa and what to do with the aged.  The age old question.

Keep thinking of a great scene in the original  film version of  “All the King’s Men” when Broderick Crawford (Willie Stark = Huey Long) is chewing out some underling, flunkey  because he embezzled, took graft etc and   Willie belts out to him: “Don’t you think if the good Lord had intended you to be rich,  you would be rich by now?”  If I was destined to roll around between the sheets I would have had that more by now.

The Law and Lord of the dance is this:   Dance as a way of life.  Dance is now my master, and I am it’s subject.  Dance for me is about JOY  and communication-expression. That which previously was submerged inside of me shall be revealed.


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