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This is the most romantic story I know

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A friend told it to me years ago and every time I think of it,  there is a big smile in my heart, being a very romantic person.  It goes like this.  Once upon a time a young kid was away at a summer camp and fell madly in love with a young girl.  He asked her out for a date (whatever constitutes a date at camp) and  they hit it off but at some point he found out how old she was.  Evidently much younger than she looked.  Happily the young boy had sense, propriety, decorum  and re-evaluated the situation.  At the end of the  summer,  when all were to go their separate ways he told the girl,  that he liked her very much, but at present she was simply too young for him  but that if she wanted,  he had an idea.  The plan was to rendez-vous at a certain location in the city (a well known landmark) several years down the road on the day of her 18th birthday at sunrise.    She didn’t   react much way one or the other, it being such a fanciful notion.  On  the appointed day, our lad gets up extra early,  washes, changes into something nice and prepares to go and meet the girl, with zero knowledge   if anything will happen.  They had not seen or communicated to one another ever since camp several years before.  As rosy fingered down was rising from her bed of golden slumbers in the east and starting to paint the sky red with her nails,   the  girl showed up at the appointed place  and time.   The boy (now a man)  rejoiced  in his heart.  They   had a long tender  embrace having not seen one another in such a long time.   They dated,  fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after for decades.  This is a true story.

At top is  Juliet’s balcony in Verona, that I was fortunate enough to visit several years ago when I was in Italy (on a ski trip actually).

Above,  nothing to do with love and sex per se except that it is to my mind, one of the most sublime and beautiful pieces of music  ever composed.  I have no idea why the music does not start until 17 seconds into it.  Enjoy!


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