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kells2Above is a manuscript from the Book of Kells.  I was lucky enough to see a page when I was in Dublin decades ago where it is housed.

DivineComedyFresco14,000 plus verses of the terza rima is an astonishing accomplishment in the field of human endeavour.  The architecture of this great poem is scarcely believable.   L’altissima poeta.  1265-1321. Was fortunate to visit his house in Florence in 1987.

Michelangelo's_Pieta_5450_cropncleaned_editSculpture to me is one of the  greatest art forms.  Something about the creative process in which you take away and then the work is revealed. It was a Michelangelo I believe who said about the finished work “the lion was always inside” (it just needed to be revealed).

rodinI still think with absolute fondness the day in the fall of 1981 in Paris going to the Rodin museum.

secretariat_belmontRemember June 1973 watching Secretariat win the triple crown.  Belmont stakes photo, when he won by 31 lengths, set records etc. Have watched this race on you tube many times since, often with a tear out of sheer joy at the beauty of it all.

Alhambra2I visited the Alhambra in Spain in March 1973.  The attention to detail plus the size of the structure was quite overwhelming.

David_von_MichelangeloMore otherworldly sculpture:   David by Michelangelo.

Iznik_ceramic_in_the_Blue_Mosque_(4)The Blue Mosque (popular name) in Turkey.  The intricate patterns, work covering such a large area is a miracle. Would like to see this and the Hagia Sophia one day.


iliadMy favourite translation. I wanted to pick works of art etc. that for me are so transcendent.

Fabulous dance lessons (private and group)  tonight at the school and wanted to share my elevated spirit somehow.  Consider this post an ode to joy. Homage to beauty in all its manifestations. I could just as easily have picked scenes from nature, music, or  so many other art forms. I am going to practice the samba all weekend because some Brazilians are visiting.  My dance teacher coaxed a smile out of me tonight. Not because I was unhappy.  Far from it.  I was joyous inside but in rapt attention to the task (dancing) at hand.  I believe our own dear Ludwig Wittgenstein went through life as a grump but was actually quite happy inside. V stands for Victory!


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