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Sex, Drugs And Rock & Roll have a chance encounter with Dance, Athleticism and Music at the fairground of life

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A very fun night of dancing at the schools last night wherein I did the tango for a song with my dance teacher and then learned the samba, which I now understand why Brazilians are wild  over this dance.  Loved both dance styles.  Before I started reading the Greek myths like mad I might have said that the ballroom dances are more Apollonian in nature and the Latin styles more Dionysian in type.  However  now that I see the figures of Apollo and Dionysus are  rich and not  easily reduced as templates, I will resist that categorization.  For me they are complementary and am enjoying both immensely.  Everything I am doing now in life which seems so new, different, it  was always within me, it was just waiting for the right time to be born as it were. There is a sort of midwifery going on.  Socrates said in essence that all philosophy is an act of midwifery.  And the Socratic style is that if nothing else.

As the loyal followers of this blog know, I have been writing about sex-dance lately.  Do you remember the line-scene in the film “Say Anything” with John Cusack when he tries to reassure the father of the girl he is taking out on a date, that he does NOT do drugs, because he is an athlete.  I always resonated with that.  “It was an escape from reality” -Col. Saeto in the movie “Bridge on the river Kwai” talking about the British prisoners who escape from the camp (one succeeded, one failed).   As an aside, read that how the Japanese actor who played him was a big silent film star.  He is so expressive, demonstrative in the film, I wondered what he would be like  pre-talkies.   The scene in Oliver Stone’s “Platoon” when Sgt. Barnes (Tom Berenger)  hard liquor bottle in hand confronts the men having a joint says something like:  “You all smoke that stuff to escape from reality. I am reality.”

Comments are now allowed on the blog.  Thrashed out constructively some stuff yesterday with my  tech guy.  Down the road may change the green leafy image adorning the cover-home page. This is an Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)  blog.  As a way  for me  organize my thoughts and discipline my writing. It is NOT to create community.  For that,   go to Starbucks,  order a quadruple decaf latte frappucino and then play on your i-something   and act all   important  as  you are curing cancer  and  creating world  peace.   There should be a law named after Einstein, that states the more important a person  acts the more frivolous the activity.  Old Uncle Albert’s long  thought experiments changed the world of physics forever and yet when he walked the campus of Princeton later in life he looked like a vagabond.   But I digress.

When Starbucks came out that they were building community, all I could think of was “War is Peace” or some equivalent  slogan, utterly ridiculous and preposterous.  Atomized individuals sipping wildly expensive coffee   lost in some kind of solipsism experiment is community.   For my next magic  trick I will sell  you the Brooklyn bridge,  swampland in Florida and phoney stock certificates.    When you  translate the word coffee from the Italian,  it suddenly quadruples in price that is the real discovery of the age!


Some famous poet-writer was reciting his work once to a large audience in a hall and at the end he received a thunderous ovation. When that died down a lone critic let out a hiss and boo.  The author looked squarely at his critic and said “I quite agree with your sentiments  sir, but what are we two against so many?”

In the film “Munich” there is an Arab in Italy, translating the “1001 Nights” into Italian (from Arabic) and at the end of his talk he states why he is doing this.
“…well aside from the expectations of enormous riches…”

I am going to write on these topics, so long as I have one breath left in my hot body, so I might as well be disciplined, focused, organized and if it educates-entertains-edifies anyone, that is a complete bonus.    Bring your dog around and I’ll give it a bonus too. -Groucho Marx.  Ole!



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