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D stands for Dancing, Death and Deanna Durbin

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Played the piano at the hospice today and my dog Abbey sat down on the carpet nearby for a while.  Had a dance lesson today which was fantastic downtown and I learned the waltz.  Instantly understood its appeal, allure, elegance.  So all day since then I have been thinking of the Blue Danube waltz by Strauss.  It is so graceful, sublime and beautiful. Just like my troika of female dance teachers at the studio.   It is astonishing but true I have been dancing for exactly two weeks and have learned (beginner level)  8  different dances.
The Foxtrot, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa,  Rhumba, Latin hustle, Waltz and Paso Doble (the bullfighter’s dance, which is only danced in competition,  not socially but is  considered a MUST at weddings in Venezuela, which means I am set  if I find myself in Caracas at  a wedding).

As you may remember, after I had my very first lesson I scooted to the palliative care unit to see my relative who was named after the famous actress Deanna Durbin ( a war time baby, when Ms. Durbin was at the height of her fame).

Today  I visited her first with my mother and then danced.  I will never have a more grateful and appreciative audience ever for my piano playing. I told my dance teachers, you will have better students  but not  someone  more grateful and appreciative than yours humbly.

Saw the film “HER” tonight and hated it.  I want my 2 hours back that I wasted watching this junk. One line I did enjoy was how we are all 13 billion years old  (age of the universe). Do not know why NOW, i feel time is running out, time’s a wastin’.  Why at this moment in time? Perhaps it is maturity. What it has galvanized me to do, is to live. That is a plus.   Socrates said that life was preparation for dying.

At the hospice played Fur Elise by Beethoven,  Franz  Schubert’s  Ave Maria and Greensleeves.  They are all  completely majestic  pieces of music. It was hard to keep a dry eye actually.  I did  not totally succeed that way.

I cannot figure out if dancing is cheap or expensive. What I have gotten out of it thus far has  been ginormous.   When I  run now,  find myself pondering the different steps, styles, beats,  of each dance.  The entire person feels engaged.

The poet Kahlil Gibran had a line about how death is in your bed when you are eating at your table.

I predict that dancing will be for me in my post coming out life, what running was for me over the last  3 plus decades. A passion, focus, enthusiasm.    From coming out (early August) until approximately Christmas I was cultivating the soil, preparing it, nurturing it  and now I am starting to see results,  growth.

Wanted to end this post with a cheerful lovely image with a riot of colours.  I want to  write something soon about the dance that was called “The Marseillaise of the Heart”.
How is that for a teaser, to keep the long suffering blog post reader returning.  Suffering, because it took me so long to figure out how to have proper spacing with paragraphs.



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