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What was the dance that was once known as the “Forbidden Dance”? What was the dance style once upon a time fit only for adulteresses and prostitutes?  Answer at end of post. ***

Alfred North Whitehead  (1861-1947) the great English mathematician-philosopher once mused that the purpose of life was to experience beauty in all its form.

Below, the ever useful wiki helps us out:

Rayonnant rose window in Notre Dame de Paris. In Gothic architecture, light was considered the most beautiful revelation of God.


A local church had a sign up I liked:   “The glory of God is the human person fully alive.”

All great art is to educate, edify and entertain.  And so it is withmy blog posts (I have no illusions that I am succeeding, but it is  the goal, what I strive for)  Dante Alighieri would say why are you looking at the ground when you should be looking at the stars. Did a google search on ‘beauty’ and came up with a quadrillion pictures of women with a beautiful face  preening as if they were shilling for beauty products.  Amusing in a pathetic way. That is so incomplete, superficial,  as to be laughable. Right up there with a search for Homer and you get a billion images of Homer Simpson.

45623_originalOnce you accept yourself, then others will follow.  It is much more fun, pleasant and enjoyable to be around people at peace with themselves compared to people who go through life on a slow boil, a cauldron of seething anger buried just below the surface.

What would happen if being queer, any part of the LGBT spectrum was completely accepted by society? For starters I would have to pen posts on slightly different angles.

Grace KellyAbove  the beautiful Grace Kelley in the film “Rear Window”.  A friend (F) and I play a game trying to decide who is the most beautiful actress of the 20th c. and after much deliberation we were unanimous  it was Grace. Other honourable mentions were Audrey Hepburn and Ingrid Bergman.  As an aside I once went to Monaco and drove the streets all twisty, narrow,  winding where she died in the early 1980s. I could appreciate the circumstances of the car accident. But I digress.  I have no idea if the Roman Catholic Church is going to canonize Ms. Kelley but the point is, she seemed like a genuinely decent human being underneath, from within. It showed. It glowed.

cupdandpsycheAbove is Cupid and Psyche from ancient Greek mythology.  This work of art is simply stunning in its simplicity and elegance I think. It is too bad people are watching American Idol instead of reading about this stuff but it has been this way at least since the Roman playwright  Terence played to a mostly empty house in ancient Rome because there was a new trained bear act in town.   This sculpture reminds me of the ‘longed for kiss’ in the story of the adulterous lovers Paolo-Francesca in the Divine Comedy as is told in the Inferno, Canto V by Dante.

beauty  Post coming out I am version 2.0 I suppose. Definitely new and improved. Not sure if there will be another “great leap forward”  (always loved that phrase from Mao by the way). You would expect me dear gentle sweet reader to pen something about the novel-film “The Picture of Dorian Gray” just about now would you  not? What I will say is you get the face you deserve by the age of 40. Why? As Mark Twain said, the lord may forgive us our sins but our nervous system never does. Stress on the inside manifests itself on the outside.  Hardly some insight but bears repeating. I know someone from the gym who is losing weight. I was completely oblivious to that, but what I had noticed is the very different countenance, disposition of the person recently. So much more cheerful, happy, upbeat. For too many decades I was a real Debbie Downer. Now I shall make amends.

Stealing_Beauty_PosterLiv Tyler in this film is exquisite as is the cinematography of the Italian countryside in the summer. Certain aspects of the film overflow with life, especially the large family meals that are shared with an abundance of food. Beauty is to challenge oneself and not give in to the path of least resistance.  Even if you fall flat on your face (unlikely scenario) trying something outside of your comfort zone,  that   is better than sitting at home alone eating munchies watching dreck on the boob tube.

It is too bad on such a sublime subject I was not able to soar like the Lord of Highest song, perhaps the Muses were still asleep and my inspiration was substandard.

After almost three dozen blog posts I may have figured out how to have proper paragraphs with spacing.   Wondrous!  Thank you for your patience.

*** the Viennese waltz, which this year celebrates its bicentennial anniversary.  Yes my dear, it was once considered scandalous,  an ‘obscene display’  because of the ‘voluptuous intertwining of the limbs and close compressor on the bodies in their dance…’  (so saith the  Times of London in 1816).    It was considered immoral and sinful because people touched one another compared to previous types of dances where people danced around each other.  Egadth!


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