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Everything is new this morning and nothing is so old as my previous persona.

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A scholar in  an introduction to his commentary on Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)  talked about how the poet could be new. He referenced a remark by Charles Peguy on the Lord of Highest song (as Dante calls Homer) stating:
“Homer is new this morning, and nothing is so old as today’s newspaper.”
Just finished a book (non fiction) about Operation Mincemeat, the allied use of deception vis a vis the invasion of Sicily in 1943 during wwii.  At the conclusion of the book, the author writes about how some of the major characters in the book went on to truly re-invent themselves from their previous persona.  I ran with this line though:
“…it is possible to fit at least two people into one life.”
All this is so much on my mind lately, well since coming out.  And especially after last night’s great dance triumph.
There is me rom birth until August of last year and then this  different person being born, emerging, coming forth into the light. I used to wonder “who-what is the real me?” (Makes me think of the songs in the movie-lp   Quadrophenia by the Who, which i love by the way).   With my beautiful bi sisters and brothers I am so much more upbeat, talkative, positive than the sullen morose curmudgeon of before.
Below, is a lovely image of the sun.  I want to be transparent. I am so much about bringing things to light and to life these days.
Dancing:  What also was hugely better, different last night versus before, was holding the woman  as i danced.  I felt so much more connected, at ease,  with my partner and myself compared to  the other form of   wiggling, jiggling beside them (as Archie bunker would describe it  to great disdain in “All in the family”).  I could act, react, interact  with the person I danced with so much better. Before I was at sea, isolated, feeling alienated, atomized if you will.
Below, this is the book someone read when they were a kid and gave to me when I expressed interest in Homer recently.  I was touched.   They had kept it all these decades. Thank you.
Again “Operation Mincemeat”:   “But he was not alone in fitting more than one personality into a single life.  No one in this story was quite who they seemed to be…each was born into one existence and imagined himself into a life quite different.”  It is all of a piece. As deception, ruses, red herrings, feint, lying are the central theme of the book, the author has some comments about lying. Love the image of a modern day Hercules or Atlas figure expending all their energy keep a lie afloat.  Cease the falsehood and see how much energy is released in your life, which will be put to productive ends.
Below,  a representation of the universe that I like.
“the trickiest aspect of lying is maintaining  a lie. Telling an untruth is easy, but continuing and reinforcing a lie is far harder.   The natural human tendency is to deploy another lie to bolster the initial mendacity.  Deceptions- in the war room, boardroom and bedroom-usually unravel because the deceiver lets down his guard and makes the simple mistake of telling or revealing the truth. “
p. 256 Operation Mincemeat by  Ben Macintyre

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