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It gets better (for running in the winter)

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Lately I have been treated like a rock star at the local gym I go to because I have run outside in the -30C windchill we have been having lately.  My dear sweet gentle reader, I have been running outside in the winter  since January 1978 and way back then the clothes for running in the winter were pure 100% dreck compared to today.
Ergo, it is much easier now! Plus a whole host of other factors make it better.  In no particular order of importance here are some other factors.
It is possible to know exactly the temperature outside thanks to tv or the internet vs back then maybe where you lived they had an outside thermometer.
Secondly, you could know exactly the wind speed and direction which is   HUGELY important in the winter compared to looking to see if the wind was blow the tree branches.
That was quite unscientific as you can imagine.
Back then, many of my winter runs were at night. These days almost always during the day, and when it is sunny that is a huge psychological  lift.
The amount of trial and  error, plus experience has truly helped over the decades without a doubt.
The clothing now is lighter, keeps you warmer and drier  whereas in  the bad old days of bulk clothing that got too wet and thus allowed you to get cold.
I also have a much more focused notion of training and how long a run will be, the route etc. as opposed to something making things up on the fly (always unsettling).
Could not resist the title of the blog today as a send up, take off, reference to the “It gets better” campaign for LGBT youth.  For me, I do not know if it gets better because I did not feel oppressed as a youth, I did not self identify as queer qua youth at all. Not even sure there was a closet when I was in high school (1974-1979). It was more a species you were not certain  existed.  It had not been discovered or invented, created yet in a way.  Nobody was out in my high school, nor even close at all etc. It reminds me of the Victorian laws against lesbianism. There were none because nobody believed such a thing existed whereas there were laws in England on the books against homosexuality.
Once in grade school, a girl returned after lunch to the classroom drunk. She was accused of being a lesbian. This was absolutely sensational stuff worthy of the Salem witch trials, as portrayed in the play “The Crucible” (which I saw last year and enjoyed a great deal) by Arthur Miller.  There were wild scenes, conniptions.  You would  be forgiven if you honestly thought the girl in questioned had just threatened to blow up the school  because she had dynamite strapped to her body or  had just confessed that she had bitten the head off of a chicken to get her kicks. Wow!
In high school, a boy transferred to another school and Rumour swept the school yard like a raging roaring mountain fire, that he did it because “he was a fag”. Which turned out not to be true. But the sense was, he needed to leave, as if he was a mafia soldier turned rat and needed to enter a witness protection program in Arizona  (I think that is where they often end up for some reason) for his own good.  The very enlightened kids of the time would have a conversation like this:
“Hey Mario, are you a homo?”  He would reply with disgust, as if being accused of some heinous crime with a “no”.   End of  discussion.
A friend told me the other month how she and some others in her high school were out in the early 1990s and those of us in my age group almost started rioting on the spot because we were  thunderstruck with amazement.

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