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Iceberg alert: Abandon The Ship of Fools!

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Way back when I was learning about being bi, I came across the  iceberg motif, which I cottoned onto immediately about  bi identity VS bi behavior.  The tip that is visible and very small  represents  self-identified bisexuals. The vast majority of the iceberg is submerged below the waters, thus invisible to the naked eye scanning the horizon signifies bi behavior.  Personally I don’t truly care what people want to identify as or their sexual behavior, my interest is in mental health for a know my own story.
And I suspect it is not unique at all. The lesson of a ship crashing into an iceberg is surely not lost on us?  Even such a mighty, ‘unsinkable’ ship (supposedly) as the famous Titanic of a century ago.  Forgive me dear soul for harping on the subject matter of personal integrity when it comes to sexuality,  of bringing the mystery-secret out into the light. Everything that is hidden, shall one day be revealed saith the good book somewhere. Isn’t it better to have that revelation at the time, place of our choosing?
For it to come forth at our pace, speed compared to having it thrust upon us?
The swirling bi colour spinning sun or whatever it is supposed to be represents our sexual life, our journey, adventures,  the fluidity which we have our 3 score and some on earth.  I love how it suggests energy, movement, life, action. A dynamism at work vs the static.   Remember the Bob Dylan verse,
‘That he not busy being born  is busy dying”.   From his 1965 song:   “It’s alright,  ma  (I’m only bleeding) “
Reader beware, you have been warned!  Why do I write these things? 50% is a reminder for myself.
Lately I am super negative on all the serial philanderers I have come across. Damn them for messing up the lives of their partners.  From a bi perspective, what I am more interested in in terms of philandering, are the people who are in some kind of serious, committed, long term relationship and are out there on the down low. It’s real fraudsterism to do this to your partner back home. (Made up that word). Isn’t that more of a gangster culture, to cheat every chance you get?  If you are some type of hipster, in an open relationship wherein any is allowed to screw anyone else, that is totally different. What is going on these days in the affairs of the heart?  The above is  my  anti-dote to the cynical sham   fake relationship garbage going on with some people  I love very much.   May have a blog post about this poem by John Keats it is so magical, mystical. Check it out! Heard it read by the great British actor Robert Donat and that was sheer beauty. You get drunk (or high), you are  in the grip of lust, the opportunity presents itself or you seek it and fall on your face cheating on your lover.  My bad.  But to set out on a calculated long term course. That is a cancer eating away at you from the inside out.  You better use your integrity muscles or they will atrophy baby.  Remember the great poem about “first they came for the communists…..and then they came for the labour leaders…” You know it. It’s so famous.   If you keep that up, one day you will be strip mined of all decency, goodness, principles.   And then what?
Below is a symbol I have always loved. A new take on it with these colours arranged quite differently.
tumblr_lzvob754EM1rp32b4o1_1280Omg! I had a girlfriend for six (6) weeks decades ago and that meant more to me,  than the other 35 years of being an adult.   Read once that Napoleon said he was only ever truly happy six (6) days, so figured I was doing much better than the little general, plus I did not  need to lay waste to armies, and Europe in war to get it.  Not sure what my Elba exile was or my Waterloo.  Will write about “exile” some day. It so lends itself to being bi. And yes I know all about straight privilege, and “passing”.    So much keeps coming back to the Bard’s words “to thine own self be true”.  In LGBT land because that is Not the norm, one’s sexuality to own it, admit-acknowledge it is a big deal.  You of course do not have to own up to being straight. You do not have to prove it.  So your challenges are different but just as important.
This (below) was too beautiful to pass up.  Enjoy! Keats died at age 25.

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