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In the spring of this year when I was going through my classical myth mania period (reading Robert Graves “the Ancient Greek myths” and then Ovid’s Metamorphoses)
I came across the story of Tiresias.  The blind prophet of Thebes who was changed into a woman for seven years and then back into a man. That figure could be the patron saint of the trans community.  But it also speaks to the bisexual condition given his interrogation by Hera and Zeus . The story goes that Hera felt that males experience more sexual pleasure and Zeus felt that females received more and given that Tiresias lived for a time as each gender, they quizzed him. He said that females did better in bed, which displeased Hera a great deal, so he was  struck blind. Aside, gentle soul reading this, make sure you never anger the gods-goddesses, they are very short tempered. To recompense (somewhat) being struck blind, he was given the gift of clairvoyance.  Personally I would rather have my sight and forego being a soothsayer.
Who gives a fig which body part(s)  are comingling with any others?   Are they truly , intrinsically beautiful, wonderful or is it just how they are part of the person you are presumably attracted to? Always felt this total hangup about which genitalia was interacting with you was more fit for the school yard when you are young and foolish.
What should have happened was a light going on in my mind, in regards to being bi when I didn’t care any longer about what body parts were going where in between the sheet when I was with someone of either gender.
Perhaps on my deathbed I shall look back upon romping in bed with both genders and ponder which was more fun.Below,  I love this image of how intertwined the lovers are.  How ambiguous it is in terms of gender.  It is  so beautifully organic, holistic and difficult to separate the lovers from each other and from their environment.
wiki weighs in:
Tiresias is presented as a complexly liminal figure, (in ancient greek-roman culture) with a foot in each of many oppositions, mediating between the gods and mankind, male and female, blind and seeing, present and future, and this world and the Underworld.
As such, I think Tiresias is a wonderfully appropriate figure for the bi community, being so complex, fluid.  We resist easy categorizing, though we are often labelled as if that matter is settled. Shall pen something next week about Janus, the roman god, who also looks in both directions, given that we take the name of January from him.
Below, love this mask.  Since August I am very much into opening up, revealing who I am (OK not to everyone) but closing the gap between who I am and what face I present to the world. Ergo, a shedding and shredding  of the mask, the fakery.  I don’t want to be no fraudster!  Consequently down (negative) on people who are unduly secretive for no good reason,  Keep contemplating the thunderous line of Achilles to the delegation in the Iliad, when they try to win him over with winging words (to get off his sulking, sullen, morose ass and help out in the fighting) and he states how he hates like the gates of Hades the person who says one things and hides another in their heart. Ouch!
Wanted to write something about Tiresias but could NOT remember the name and then it was referenced when I saw the film “Blue is the warmest colour” and I recalled the story. Lucky for me!  It’s not explained  why Hera voted for males and Zeus for females as having more pleasure sexually and if asked myself I would not know what to say.   
Love this little picture I found online related to being bi.  I will not insult anyone’s intelligence, less they take offence  like Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) in the Godfather and explain it.   My heterosexual challenge for all the straight people out there is to come up with something as liberating as when someone in the LGBT community comes out to themself.
What is the equivalent.
bisexual_1 Given all the homophobia still out there and yes still internalized (that is a life long struggle to exorcise, now matter how LGBT positive one is), I always felt same sex sex had an allure of forbidden fruit attached to it.  Yesterday read Kinsey’s figure of 37%. That is, the % of males who have one homosexual orgasm in their life.   For women, the figure was in the low teens. Would that figure be the same today? I cannot imagine it being lower today but not necessarily dramatically higher either.    One fling does not prove much, so I am not veering off into that direction.

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