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Blue is the warmest colour.

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Saw “Blue is the warmest colour” tonight.  Not an obvious thing to do on Christmas eve, except maybe if the notions of Love and Christmas can go together (imagine such a crazy idea instead of the more  approved capitalistic  ideas of “Consumerism and Xmas”) . Loved it.  It needed a good editor to trim some scenes that lingered too long (e.g. in the classroom, although my companion who works in education, loved those extended scenes of pedagogy of  French high school in Lille, so go figure).  My other complaint would be the use of close-ups. Too many and  too close! The closeup of a woman’s body might be quite pleasing, sensual, erotic but the closeup of someone eating spaghetti Bolognese (and I am Italian background)  was gratuitous.  The  long  sex scenes of the two  women felt self-indulgent on the part of the director.  And I love seeing  fantastically beautiful women making  love, expressing what they felt for each other. They were erotic but not over the top so. It did not   add that much to the quality of the movie.  Maybe the marketing department suggested it as a way to generate hype, publicity, buzz.
The good news is that the main character (Adele) was a positive bi female character-role model.  A  far cry   from the “Basic Instinct” Sharon Stone character a couple of decades ago. So that is progress and something the bi community can cheer and get behind fully. It clearly showed her having sexual relationships with both genders, even if the word bisexual was not mentioned once I think in the film. While the theme of the movie might have ostensibly been within the LGBT framework, I thought the issues involved were far more universal than simply queer sexuality at work.  It was a long tragic love story at heart. Literally! In that way, I thought of “Brokeback Mountain” at times, especially the scenes of tenderness, love, longing.  Lots of heartache and love’s labours lost and gone for good.  Almost a  one handkerchief  weepie  at times.   Let’s face it,  how many mainstream films have a same sex angle to them? Not many!
One aspect  or way in which the movie was bi, that I truly cherished was to make it more matter of fact, natural, not a big deal in general. There was a sense to me of ‘blending in’ , in a good way. Not stealth, not shame, embarrassment, though there was the extended schoolyard scene of bullying.  The way in a sporting contest if the referee on the field is not noticed, then you know they are doing their job excellently. I would definitely recommend this to all my  beautiful bi sisters and brothers.
The one caveat  for straight people seeing it is this;
No matter your gender,   you would immediately want to  make love to a woman.
In this sense, parts of it in terms of eros, it made me think of the hugely  popular gay  art house-porn film “Boys in the Sand” that I saw once.  Could never decide which genre it belonged to. That was much less of a mainstream film in every sense,  though it was very influential in the early 1970s, spreading from NYC throughout the country.  There were ginormous lineups in NYC to see the movie.   Anyways, that movie celebrated the male form, just as ‘Blue” celebrated the female form.
The scene (image above)  in which the older woman Emma, throws out Adele for cheating on her was full of sound and fury.  It made me think of Niccolo Machiavelli and “The Prince” of all things. Emma tosses the lying-unfaithful ass of Adele out of her place immediately. NO bargaining, negotiations, second chances. A complete line is drawn in the sand and she acts.  As an aside, I once heard of a story from someone I knew that acted so swiftly. The aggrieved woman in question, discovered salacious  (and how raunchy can only be imagined given her reaction!) emails-texts to/from her husband to  another woman. When he arrived home from work that day, she threw his philandering arse out  on the spot.   It was swift, final, brutal   It was an extremely powerful scene in the movie.  It had a twist in that Adele who is so innocent, a waif, naive by comparison to the older more experienced Emma, is the one getting kicked out for screwing a guy a few times. Am not sure if I want to read into it the “lesbian having sex with a male = traitor” angle to it or not.  I shall leave it to other viewers to make their own judgment on that.
Blue-is-the-warmest-colorLeft the  theater  with a smile in my heart.  No Hollywood ridiculous ending either.   Not a bad way to spend Christmas eve if taking in a movie is your thing to do.

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