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With God on our side

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Well, that settles it, I am NOT moving to Uganda any time soon.  The wires are running wild with the news that Uganda has just enacted some very tough anti-homosexual laws.
Was it not enough that one country should foist the late dictator Idi Amin upon the world, so now we have this great leap backwards.  After that scourge,  they should have been in the penalty box for at least a century by my reckoning.  The MP who sponsored this outrageous legislative bill said  “…because we are a God-fearing nation”.  Ugh.  Can any more mischief and evil be let loose upon the world, the moment one (individually or collectively) tries to invoke God? Abraham Lincoln  wondered aloud during the Civil War, not so much was God helping the side of the Union but rather was the country , torn apart at that time, was it on the side of God? The Dirty F hippie types out there will recall the great Bob Dylan song (1963) “With God on our side” that bitterly catalogs the many wars, that were supposedly fought for God, or with God, or by God or some such nonsense.  It truly is enough to give one a headache.
The only positive I can think of in this story is that it gives me an excuse to think of the excellent film with  Forest Whitaker playing Idi Amin “The Last King of Scotland”.
Check it out! Secondly,  it gives me a chance to mention the theodicy game a friend and I play. Think of some cruel, evil, bastard who has gotten away with murder, never received their “justice” in this life, on earth, in the here and now. The poster child for this is Idi Amin, who died in exile in luxury in the middle east. Why does evil triumph so  often? What consoles me is that many great minds have been wrestling with this question for thousands of years. Right now the poster children for this is George W Bush and crew who unleashed the horror of the Iraq war and have paid no price for all that mass death, destruction. That was a real horrorshow was it not sweet innocent blog reader?
The article mentioned that Uganda is a deeply religious country where many have embraced evangelical Christianity, that beautiful enlightened virulent strain nobody recognizes as having anything to do with the message of Jesus. Is that the same noxious poison that overwhelming supported Bush 43 for 8 years and his trail of  blood lust around the world? But in their eyes it was OK to bomb brown people, Muslims, foreigners in the name of Christianity. Aside, I always have a moment of maudlin, mawkish, gallows humour when I think of the nuclear submarine “The Corpus Christi” and how Roman Catholic Bishops (and others) protested vehemently over an entity whose name translated means “The Body of Christ” being potentially responsible for mass deaths in the form of nuclear weapons.
A friend said “If  God is love, why is there so much fear surrounding religion”? If sex is supposed to be about love (among other things to be honest) why is there so much fear around sexuality? Why do bi people stay in the closet at far higher rates than our other beautiful lesbian sisters and gay brothers?
     The first image illustrates one verse in the Dylan song, pretty evocative photo I think.
     The second image is from the exclusive to France 1966 lp of the song cut into 2 parts “With God on Our Side”.
On a personal note just finished this  peer facilitated support  group on being bi and a ginormous shout out to all my wonderful bi brothers and sisters.  It was a fabulous ride.  Thank you from my sacre coeur.   Not sure that God, Divine Providence, Higher Power was mentioned once in all the dozens of hours we were together.  Makes me think of a great line-scene in the film   “The Best Man”(1964-another excellent movie to investigate)  when Lee Tracy asks the presidential candidate (played superbly by Henry Fonda)
“Bill, do you believe in god?”
and Fonda replies
“No, I believe in man.”
Why don’t we do a lot more believing in the here and now, and get the state and God out of the bedrooms pronto?   Remember the Wobbly (IWW) motto of “Porkchops now!”.   They were very much against the pie in the sky religious claptrap sold to the workers  by religious leaders.  They wanted the good things of life  now.   They had had enough of the Tooth Fairy. There’s a line in Alice in Wonderland I believe (could be wrong) wherein the motto is “Jam Tomorrow and Jam yesterday but never jam today.”  I think you get the point.
 And a happy winter solstice. Today is the feast of the unconquered sun. The Sol Invictus.  The lengthening of days has begun.  So I leave you with this image of the sun.  A star.  Did you  know we are all made of star dust?  Every atom  in you, was once part of a star.  When you go out and shtup (run for your Yiddish dictionary now) let some love fall in between the sheets in that romp.  Tell that  person you love them (if in fact you do).  Cherish and adore  one another in the nuptial bed.  Celebrate.

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