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The Bi Calendar: Part 2 in the Bi Visibility-Erasure Project.

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I wanted to create a ‘bi calendar’ for 2014. Twelve  photographs of people who are-were bi,  both women and men, role models, celebrities,  recent or from other eras of history (19th century stretching back to antiquity)   A short  description  about why I chose  them, what my thought processes were for inclusion.  Plus for the individual days of the year,  dates on which  bi people throughout history were born or died.
For example,  “March 28 Birthday of Lady Gaga”.   It would be part of the ongoing bi erasure project, fighting to create bi visibility.  This bi blog was the opening salvo in that campaign.  The calendar would be an adjunct, a complementary part.  Ran out of time, energy, focus to have it up and ready for 2014, so it’s worldwide premiere will have to wait until 2015.   Picture the scenes on the docks in England of  the crowds in the 19th c. who  were clamouring for the latest installment of Charles Dickens novels, and rioting as they found out about the death of Little Nell.  That is how I picture it eventually.  Wild scenes at stores awaiting delivery of the new annual calendar.   But at the present it is delayed gratification for you to dear sweet reader.  A very catholic concept.  It would have tilted towards the arts (especially film) as those in that public eye are more well known, their lives are scrutinized and overall more LGBT friendly versus say the realm of politics  and  athletics.  The working title is: “The  Beautiful Bi Calendar: A celebration of bisexuality”.
For people who outed themselves, that would be easy enough to include, e.g. Amber Heard the actress-model girlfriend of Johnny Depp who came out in 2010 or Evan Rachel Wood (actress, came out last year on twitter).  Other famous-well known stars, figures  whose lives and comments indicated that by their actions, they were bi  I would include, such as Isadora Duncan, ” Mother of Modern Dance”,  Eleanor Roosevelt (who had a long relationship with an AP reporter, one Lorena Hickok that most scholars but not all,  believe did have a sexual-erotic component to it.  Did you know that? I was oblivious to that. That is my raison d’etre).
People who died centuries ago or  millenia ago I would be more skittish about including. That is a knotty problem, to dragoon,  to press gang like the 18th c.  British navy (an awful institution that thankfully has gone away so instead we create vast pockets of poverty, the ghetto whereby people then join the military to escape one awful life trajectory for potentially another,  but I digress)  for example a Julius Caesar in, who in antiquity it was said;  (paraphrasing) ‘was every man’s wife and every woman’s husband’.  If people want to out Abraham Lincoln sensationally that is their business. The criteria for inclusion would be that they were famous or worthy of emulation in some way.  Brenda Howard “Mother of Pride” is someone virtually nobody knows but was huge in getting the Pride parade, events started in NYC after the Stonewall riots. I want to create the feeling that the bi community has contributed a lot throughout history and should be justifiably proud of those accomplishments.
When I did a google search under ‘bi calendar’  I did not come up with anything remotely  close to what I wanted, thought might already exist etc. In my naivete was quite certain something like this already existed. Nyet. It will be sui generis, which is awfully pompous of me to write, but I  enjoy using that phrase whenever I can.
I have no illusions at all, that I could fill 365 days of the year with some date. Not even close. And I do not want to include events, people, dates just for the sake of filling up the days. Quality not quantity is the guiding principle.  Online at various websites they have lists of bi people and sometimes those lists have good explanations but other times not. Over time, assuming I am going to live a long life I could slowly  fill in  many  days of the year. The photographs could change year by year by year. The goal is that each month you look at that photo and feel positive, good, alive about being bi. That you are not alone and isolated  but connected here and now to a fabulous history, a tradition that stretches way back.
If you asked me as a teen to name any bisexuals, I would  say  “David Bowie” and that would be it.  What kind of pathetic answer is that?  A depressing one! Excellent  music but not my idea of a person I look up to, want to be like as a human being. As a coda, he has since renounced his bisexuality essentially saying it was a mistake, a phase. Good riddance then.
Digression paragraph:
Put the dolphins image in  because it is so joyful, playful, fun,  and brings a smile to my sacre coeur.   Hope you like it.  Just go out   and tell someone you love them and make their day.   The world needs more good surprises and sincere compliments.  Ever since I came out,  I have tried to do that more and more in my daily life, with  no regrets.  It leavens life.   Like attracts like. It sends out a ripple effect. It is positive, life affirming energy.
The top of the page image is  where I am at these days.  Celebrate who you are.  What you are.  Sermon over and back to the calendar issue at hand.
It would be so empowering to flip the pages and see  Michelle Rodriguz (“Hollywood’s most successful Latina Actress”, came out in September),  or Krysten Sinema (First openly bi member of congress, in Arizona),  Gillian Anderson (of X-files fame), James Dean (“I am not going through life with one hand tied behind my back”) , Joan Baez (had one very important same sex relationship and outed herself in the early 1970s when that was not done),  Greta Garbo,  Drew Barrymore (outed herself years ago), etc.   There are calendars for every single subject in the cosmos, so why not about my  lovely bi sisters and brothers.  And no, I do not have fanciful expectations of worldwide fame, glory, honour, riches as a result of this endeavour.  Think of it as charting, plotting, mapping the stars and galaxies in the universe. Over time you end up with this full vision in front of you and then exclaim like the Keir Dullea/Captain Bowman  character (2001; A space odyssey)  in the visually terrific stargate sequence of the  book-film  “my god it is full of stars”.

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