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Miscellaneous.  Erratum . Corriegenda. Imprimatur. Impri Potest. Nihil obstat.
Today it is a mish mash, miscellaneous oeuvre for you dear faithful blog reader. Some random bi pensees for your edification which is why we have an image of Blaise Pascal at the top who wrote a book called simply “Pensees”.   Plus many delightful and I hope thought provoking images within.   Enjoy or  delete pronto, the publick is so fickle.
Came across the genderbread person and thought it was wonderfully evocative, showing how complex sexuality, one’s identity is. Unless you have everything all figured out.
One word for this quote: Wow!  The next time someone gets up in your face stating it does not matter what leaders say-do, tell them this quote.
“It is the chemistry, not the plumbing” Like that slogan.
“If you are bi, you can check someone out from behind, and be glad with whatever they are like in front.” Another bumper plate offering on the web.
Below,  a sad state of affairs my beautiful bi sisters and brothers!
Read a large excerpt online from the book below and thought it was stimulating reading about the ancients and their concepts-ideas about sexuality.
There must be a way to work in the ancient Roman God “Janus” into the bi cosmos. Whence we get the month of “January” from. The god of portals, doorways, looking in 2 directions who also looks to the past and the future. To me it is a bi trope, this fluid sexuality of ours that we proudly own, admit to ourselves, acknowledge.
Below, I have NO idea if this is true and I have read many great novels in my life.  What a provocative statement!
One day I want to post  some thoughts about Shiri’s  radical  book (below) .
Shiri Eisner’s evocative (paraphrasing) statement about being bi means you can reach down someone’s pants and be happy with whatever you find there is still marvelous (page 46)  Within the context of her book,  she goes on to explain how difficult it is to fully know another (or oneself actually, the exhortation of the oracle at Delphi notwithstanding).
The somewhat incendiary rallying cry that bisexuality is a bigger threat to the dominant  social order than homosexuality needs unpacking, analyzing some day.
Below the  beautiful bi scholar Jennifer Baumgartner who gets props for simply writing a book about bisexuality.
Eventually want to write about the male gaze (the whole bloody objectification of women we see in society via the media)  and phallocentrism (essentially that males are indispensable).  My gut feeling is  they somehow represent two sides of the same sexual political  coin.  Related to this I think is how  bi women are treated compared to bi men.
Am a huge Malcom X fan (since the early 1980s)  so don’t mind to insert a picture of my hero, but I do not agree that he was bi, as a couple of new books claim.  It said as a young street prostitute he did have same sex relations for business purposes.  Which to me hardly rises to the level of defining one’s sexuality.  More on this another time. He was assassinated ed in 1965.
Below Krysten Sinema, congresswoman  from Arizona.  First ever openly bi person elected to congress. Amazing!
 The bi crescent moon symbol.  It speaks to me.  Rich in symbolism, metaphor etc.  What do you think?
Statistics, damned lies, data, surveys, polls, and how many bi people are out there?  Why are there so many more self-identified bi women than bi men,  when based on the
widespread  underground  down low activity, it would seem many more males are bi.
The upshot (above)  is we do not have a firm   grasp on the numbers.  How quaint. The size of the  of bi community  out there is quite fluid it appears.
There are 65,000 self identified bi people in the province of Ontario between the ages of 18 to 59 according to a government report.
There are approximately 1.2 million bi men in the USA of which about 120,000 are HIV+  according to one survey.
This was a labour of love crafting together a melange of images and text. Shall do it again it was so much fun.

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