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September 23

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Since 1999 each September  23rd has been “Celebrate bisexuality day” or “Bi visbility Day”.  It was started by three American bi activists who wanted something specific to rally around.  I have read they picked that day because it was the birthday of one of them and I also read that day was chosen because it is the day when Sigmund Freud died (in 1939).  How much he is the secular patron saint of being bi, I shall leave to the Freudians and his disciples,  among the gentle readership but he did have one good thing to say about being bi, in a letter once. He expected it to lead to enlightenment. Get back to me in a few years (or decades) and I will report back on how true that is. I do feel far more sane since coming out versus before. So maybe he was on to something?
Wiki tells me that Berkeley, CA in the USA was the first (and only) city to have an official bisexuality day proclaimed by the civic pooh bahs in 2012. And in 2013 President Obama actually met with approximately 30 leaders of the bi community in what was a first.  The first time a sitting president in the White House met with such people. It was closed to the media and a completely invisible non-event unless you were specifically aware of this happening. However a baby step, compared to what has gone before.
Rallies, marches, events were held in many cities, countries around the world (mainly W Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand)  but nobody is confusing this with May Day or other mammoth annual celebration. For me, I attended a bi brunch and 27 people showed up. The organizers were thrilled. Imagine that many people in  a major metropolitan city of several million.  Since it was so close to when I came out, the day had a festive, birthday-Christmas feel to it which was wonderful. I wanted to come out to one person that day but the opportunity was not present, so was stymied but I did the next day.  Close enough.  I did enjoy pondering how close September 23 is to the autumn equinox, the equal day, equal night time.  A nice symbol of being bi.  The spring equinox in March would have worked just as well.
The parting words at the bi brunch that day, from one of the organizers was this; “Kiss someone you know, then do it again with someone else of another gender.”
Those were the ringing words, the exhortation given to us, to go back out into the big wide, wild monosexual world (those attracted to people of only one gender).
Every bi person could, should be a role model. We are truly making it up as we go along. True heterosexuals have a several thousand year head start on us. That day at the bi brunch, because there were so many of us, all at once it dawned on me what we are. That old quip about Jewish people. “Jews are just like everyone else, only more so.”  That is how I explained it to some people later that day when they wanted to know what kind of folks showed up. We are just like everyone else, only more so.
At this juncture in world history, September 23rd will  be celebrated with other notable days  (which I am sure you are all vividly aware of) ;
Feb. 25th World Spay Day
April 26th World Veterinary Day
August 16th International Homeless Animals Day
September 29th World Rabies Day
October 1, World Vegetarian Day
October 4 World Animal Day
Could not resist the “Keep calm….” image at the bottom of the post.  Hope you like it.  One should keep calm a great deal in life, with the possible exception of being dragged away in the middle of the night by the Nazis ( a negative) or telling someone you love them (a positive).  Mark Twain said that the Lord may forgive us our sins, but our nervous system never does. Good advice! Being bi is all about the chemistry and not the body parts or the plumbing.
bipride day

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