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Lady Gaga

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I would doubt that there are that many Lady Gaga fans who were turned onto her music by discovering their sexuality, but there you have it.  After coming out this summer and trying to learn everything I could about the bi world, I kept coming across her as an example of a famous person today who is bi and proudly so. The whole role model aspect.  However, she  has had to prove it over and over again.  So this piqued my curiosity and grabbed my attention.  The whole having to “prove” to people you are bi,  is a pet peeve of mine anyways.
NYC Pride 2013 - The Rally
Also because she is  so well known, a big time celebrity,  a skeptic could wonder if this was all done for marketing purposes. As an aside right now, a post will definitely come forth about what a tremendous disservice  hotshots in the entertainment industry do the bi cosmos when they try to make being bi some hip, cool, chic, trendy, fashionista affectation just to garner more publicity, hype. It  might be  interesting to see if that ploy even works.  If it is so “in” why is being bi virtually invisible in society? A case of the Yogi Berra quip about the restaurant is so popular, nobody goes there any more comes to mind.  As a tiny example, Madonna  having some passionate kiss onstage at an awards ceremony with a women is  a great ridiculous stunt designed to shock straight white middle class mores. She probably doesn’t even like the women she’s kissing but is fab at marketing. But I digress.
So instead Lady Gaga calls  a press conferences and states (apologizing a priori for the vulgar slang language) that “I do not have to eat pussy in front of the whole world to be taken seriously as a bisexual.” So I read up on her (via Wiki etc) and then delved into some of her music. What grabbed my attention was her song “Born this way”, which I have listened to over and over. Forget about the nature, nurture, and how one arrives in the LGBT group, what I gravitated towards was the self-acceptance part.
As anyone who knows me can attest, I am light years from strutting around like some peacock, the egomaniac taking over the room in conversation (think Adolf Hitler)  the puffed up Benito Mussolini  harranging the masses from his balcony in Rome during the fascist era.  I am pretty fantastic (used to be) at self-criticizing. So I made a compromise with the universe. I will not go nuts on the self-love part but in exchange the self-loathing has got to go. This seemed more than  fair to me.  Best peace treaty ever for me. A 19th c. suffragette once cried out in ecstasy “I accept the universe” and her Emerson, Thoreau type chum said “By God she better!”.  I am not there yet but we have a cessation of hostilities life and I. A detente I can live with. Back to Lady G.
The verse in the song about life’s disability leaving you outcast, bullied, teased was so spot on. That was precious to me.
We are all fighting a great battle.
We are all slaying our own personal dragons, demons, doubts.
Suspect if you did a lexis nexis search (does that even exist any more in the google era?) you would not get one hit of “Lady Gaga bi icon” but you would probably get a quadrillion hits  if you put in “gay icon”.  So this mega superstar is proudly proclaiming herself as bi, and the only thing people know is that “Oh yeah, that Lady Gaga is huge in the gay community.” What went wrong here? It’s just frustrating. Bi visibility, bi erasure time again.
Her sexuality is as invisible as to what she really looks like given her penchant for constant re-invention, wardrobe changing. In fact, when I started this I was not totally sure what she looked like, given she is a chameleon. Think Churchill’s throwaway  lines about Russia, being a riddle wrapped inside an enigma. Not a bad mantra about our lives, our sexuality,  either ?   Socrates said “Know Thyself” and I am still learning.   Even after looking at a trillion photos not sure if I find her attractive or not, her appearance is so fungible shall we say. I do find her extremely sexy in the video accompanying the song though. Yes a tall thin scantily  clad woman dancing frantically  would be pretty erotic to anyone’s gaze,  period amen.  That aside, I chose a couple of pictures of her that are more classy as opposed to the schlock value. Hope she has lasting value and is not just some musical early 21 st. c. Paul de Koeck. You know, the hugely popular in his day writer that nobody knows about today. Sic transit gloria mundia.  Thus goes the passing glory of the world. St. Francis of Assisi camped out once along a route the king was going to take and he shouted that out as the royal procession passed by. Think of the “Barracks emperors” in the ancient Roman Empire. Once upon a time they ruled (if briefly, as they were assassinated pretty regularly, the life expectancy was lousy once in power)  the whole empire, today nobody knows them and a further indignity is they are grouped all together.
“Just love yourself and your set/
don’t hide yourself in regret”.
Maybe one night if I cannot sleep I will get up and write a whole post simply on this song, it means so much to me.  Maybe not exactly a line by line exegesis  (I had enough of that studying theology and philosophy with the Jesuits).
As a housekeeping detail so to speak, the posts on this blog will not always be up to my standard but I don’t want to wait until it is perfect, otherwise I will never put quill to paper. As Groucho Marx said, looking directly into the camera “All the jokes in this film can’t be funny, you’ve got to expect that.” My goal is to write for myself.   A  secondary, tertiary  goal  it is  to “educate and entertain” as all great art does  (which I aspire to, that is my fondest wish)
Quite like the long flowing ginormous train of hair in the above photo. Just shouts out  to me  1950s Italian movie star  look a la Sophia Loren, Gina Lollabrigida.   There is an overflowing sensuality in the best way in the photograph which is my humble wish for all of you.

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